Numeric rainbow and sun positioning changed a great deal in version 4 of Bryce. Use this tutorial only for Bryce 4. Bryce 3 users should refer to Peter Sharpe's Rainbows by Numbers.

Get the most out of Bryce 4's fractal terrains, including how to use the tiling feature and how to work around the gap problem.

Build a complex arch, where more than one material is applied to the same lattice arch object using ABC mode in the material lab.

A tutorial on using pictures in materials, in answer to an oft-asked question.

The Miracle Tree technique uses a pair of intersecting symmetrical lattice objects to make tree-like shapes.

The new tree tutorial involves symmetrical lattice objects, ABC mode in the material lab and the Deep Texture Editor. There is a sample branch to download for study.

Dragon Eyes and Alpha Channels is about how to use alpha channel transparency to create a glowing eye effect.

The Secret Texture Library is a quick tour of the Material Lab pointing out some features you may not have found yet. It also explains how to access the Texture Library and how it can be used to help you compose new materials.

The ABCs of Naturalistic Marbles discusses ABC mode in the material lab, specifically geared towards creating marbled stone materials.

The first of two parts on roads, the Flat Roads tutorial covers the creation of roads which parallel a given elevation along your Bryce terrains.

The second of two parts on roads, the Swooping Roads tutorial covers the creation of roads which can go over hills and through the valleys of your Bryce terrains.

Clipart and Bryce talks about using clipart as a source for creating Bryce objects with symmetrical lattices.


Yes, I've hidden the downloads way down here so you'd have to scroll past all the tutorials first. There aren't many now, we'll see how things go.

These are all in Bryce 4 format.


Voronoi Blue




Black White Marble

Bridgepaths Rock

Genie Bottle Glass

Gold Confetti

Mirror Mountain

Stone Wall