The name 'calyxa' has been with me since my early UNIX geeking days in the early 80s in Santa Cruz. I had to choose a name no longer than seven characters, so I picked up a dictionary and opened it randomly to the word calyx:
ca·lyx (ka'liks, kal'iks) n., pl. -lyxes or calyces (ka'le-sez', kal'e-). The usually green segmented outer envelope of a flower. [L.]

With both an x and a y, I liked it immediately. With an a on the end, it was like many stereotypical women's names. So 'calyxa' I became.

The last name 'Omphalos' was something I decided on a few years back when I ran across the word. The omphalos was a part of the Temple of Delphi, home of the famous oracle. Omphalos may mean egg-like stone, or it also means navel of the world. I think it's because I'm an earth sign that I like drawing the connection between myself, the world, and the worlds I build in my imagination.

Outside of Cyberspace, my name is Ruth Fry. I continue to use the name Calyxa for my on-line persona as well as the nom de plume for the artwork I've done with Bryce. Currently I've been building my worlds in Sunnyvale, California, where I share a home with my husband Chuck and our three cats.

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