Before I got into rendering new worlds, I drew maps. Using parchment papers and a variety of pens and paints, I tried to create antique-looking maps that could be strange artifacts of other worlds in the multiverse.

Maps by Calyxa

When Riven came out, my Bryce imagery picked up an immediate bit of inspiration. Then I saw Doug Ingram's Riven Hint Guide (link long since dead, sigh...) where he made a call for original artwork maps of Riven. That pretty much fit my charter, so I got started by making a spoiler-laden map of the Scarab Room.

Over the period of a couple months, I mapped out all the islands of Riven using the mapping machine within the game. My maps of Riven have been published in two different Mac magazines, one in Germany and the other in Italy!

Maps of Riven by Calyxa



Sigh, it's over. "Problem user closes vault!" You know, it was web referrer logs that did the vault in - the whole process of replacing key words in urls without following links is what tipped me off there. Direct links were prohibited and that's what a web referrer tracks. Everyone lost out there when direct links were made, but know also that anyone who followed those links from that site are partially to blame. Remember, if you ever come across that sort of prohibited link again, don't click it - and if you're looking for my meager _tribute to an arachnid_, figure out what you might replace 'maps' with.