Updated 28 Sep 2002

Just where the heck has Calyxa been?!

This page has languished for years now. I've been hiding under a rock and not doing any Bryce stuff for the last 21-some-odd months because I've been busy... very busy... I've had the distinct opportunity and pleasure to be working with a team of folks at the forefront of computer-generated landscape technology. Please visit


and see what's been happening with MojoWorld! You won't regret it!

MojoWorld has been described as “Bryce on steroids.” It's a whole new paradigm in landscape software. Every other landscape renderer out there gives you a stage set. MojoWorld is a planet, so your scenes never have an unnatural edge to them, no matter which way you point the camera. If your interest is with creating new worlds, MojoWorld is for you! With the release of 2.0, the power of MojoWorld is even more accessible. There's a free demo, go get it!

The links below have been updated, too - amazingly enough, there were only a couple dead ones. One has been re-pointed, the other I axed. Resiliant folks, these Brycers!

  • If you are a Bryce 4 user and you have ever used BryceTalk, you should read this article by Susan Kitchens about what is going on with BryceTalk now that Corel has bought Bryce.

  • I went to Bryce Camp!
    While I was there, I uploaded some pix during the group BryceTalk event. A bunch of pictures. I've long said that 'one of these days I'll write some text to go with them," and it looks like that day has come. I'm pushing my disk quota and something has to give, so I've decimated my 'image bin.' Here's a little blurb about the four pixs I left behind.

    (That was 1999. I also went to Bryce Camp in 2000, but don't have any pix on line. I also don't have the link to the BC2K web log... ah well. If I find it, I'll update again in another couple years!)

  • Bryce Forum
    This is the gateway to the Bryce message board at Delphi. To post to the message board and/or join in the chat, you'll have to register with Delphi, but it's painless and free and doesn't result in spam. The folks at the Bryce Forum message board are the greatest. In the regular chat sessions, you can get just about any Bryce question answered, show off your latest work and see the latest work from some awesome artists, or just chit-chat with good folks who love Bryce and Bryce artwork.

  • Bruce MacLeod's On-Line Bryce Gallery
    This is where those 'Select Gallery Award' badges come from. It is closely associated with the Bryce Forum, in fact that's how most of us found our way to the Bryce Forum in the first place. Some of the finest Bryce art in the world can be found in the Select Gallery Archives.

  • BSolutions
    Klaus Busse's page of Bryce Solutions contains many un-documented features and the answers to some esoteric Bryce questions. Updated w/ Bryce 5 information.

  • Martin Murphy's Poster
    Martin has had printed a poster-sized version of his outstanding work Autumn Flirts with Winter which you can own by visiting this link!

  • The Bryce Chronicles
    This site must have the largest set of Bryce links I've ever seen.

  • Peter Sharpe's Tutorials
    I can't even count the number of times I have sent people to his tutorial on 3d text. Lots of other good stuff there, too!

  • Bryce Render Times
    See how your system rates speed-wise when it comes to rendering Bryce images.

  • U&I Software Bryce Gallery
    Here's where you'll find works by Eric Wenger, the father of Bryce.