Jungle Island
A Hand-drawn map of Riven by Calyxa

The Jungle Island map is huge. The original paper version measures 11 by 14 inches. The full color version I've got on this site comes in at a hefty 320K.

I'm sorry that there's no legend right on the map, that'd probably be easier than text, but for anyone who has played the game already, things should be obvious.

  • Items specific to the Jungle Island Map:

    • Submarine tracks are shown in blue. Stops are marked with two lines forming a square between the tracks, underwater stops have a small o in them, stops where you can open the hatch have a small x in them.
    • Green circles are the large tree trunks.
    • Wooden eyeballs are tiny red circles with their corresponding number nearby, though they're probably way too hard to read.
    • I'm sorry about my Fish Idol, Mine Car and Suspension Bridge scribbles. The tree stump with the axe in it, the blue pictoglyph with the stone window, and the big dagger in the woods aren't too bad, though.
    • I only have 15 dots in the place representing the circle of animal stones. So sue me.
    • Messy brown pencil circles are the pod-huts, the pen one is supposed to be the hut you can knock on.
    • The red blob near the dome is the lava pit. Try looking over the edge when you're on that staircase, whee!
    • There are only two guard towers, those are the red circles with the big G in them.
    • Scarab-shaped water is in purple pencil.

  • Items common to all of Calyxa's Riven Maps:

    • The rotating domes are correctly placed in a grid and are marked with their appropriate symbol in gold.
    • Dashed brown lines are for underground passages/rooms.
    • Black lines indicate a metal catwalk or other above-the-ground walkway.
    • Solid brown lines indicate pathways along the ground.
    • Green lines with small hatch marks to one side indicate cliffs. The hatchmarks point down the cliff face.
    • Pathways with semi-frequent cross-hatches indicate stairs. Where there are stairs, an arrow points up to the top of the staircase.
    • Ladders are short black lines with dots at either end.
    • A small blue circle with an illegible M in it is a mag-lev-summon button.
If you want to be looking at the above legend info at the same time you view the map, remember that both of the "big two" browsers will let you have a "new window with this link".


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