Pearl's Pole
A Hand-drawn map by Calyxa

This is the first incarnation of Pearl, a few things have changed since this was drawn. If you're really curious, you can take a 56K detour and take a look at a cleaned-up copy of this map. Also don't miss the use of this map as part of a Bryce 1 texture in the image Pearl And Moons.

Two major changes:

  • Along the 12 o'clock line, the small unnamed island is actually the island of Karishikar, but in this map it is totally the wrong shape and not quite in the right place.

  • Down around 4 o'clock, the entire island-continent of Azuti was swallowed up into the Vortex Ocean.

Some name changes:

  • The peninsula labelled Minaran is a portion of a nation named Minara. The nation of Minara extends well onto the mainland, so this psuedo-pod of land is refered to as the Minaran Peninsula.

  • Kazoti is now called Ishkarinda.

  • Cabochon is now called Sinit.
The light blue areas of course are oceans. The other colored areas indicate types of vegetation and climate. The red concentric circles are lines of latitude marked every 9 degrees. The circle at 18 degrees is the Solar Circle, inside of which will experience sunlight continuosly for half of the year and then will be dark the other half of the year.