Memories of Bryce Camp - Ojai 1999
Selected images from my 'image bin.'

I used to have almost 40 images in here, which I've sadly had to cut down to just four. The most obvious one that needed to be included was the group shot from the party on friday night.

I'm also keeping the neon suit around even though Ken didn't have the whole suit with him for Bryce Camp. His tuesday night lecture was delivered while he wore that same hat, though. You can't tell from this picture, but the whitish oval on the front of the cap is a J.R. "Bob" Dobbs head.

Another picture that I felt displayed a quintessential part of the Bryce Camp experience was one of Chris Casady during a walk we took that first sunday afternoon.

This whole image bin thing got going when we had our Bryce Talk event on thursday night. I uploaded pictures, Susan sent out the URL, and everyone in BT had a chance to see us (and as I recall, we saw a bit of Steve Lareau on his webcam). Although there were plenty of pictures showing "a bunch of us in the lab," none of them seemed as interesting to keep around for posterity as this one of the Bobsey Twins.

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