California Poppies
Calyxa's Miracle Tree Library


This tutorial requires that you already understand the information presented in the Miracle Tree Tutorial.

I really didn't quite get what I wanted here, but since the poppies are meant to be small and hidden away in some other foliage, I didn't worry about it too much

There are two sets of lattice pairs for the foliage, and then a terrain for each flower.

The flowers themselves started with the pansy picture, I used photoshop to make the petals orange and to cut and paste the petals around to turn it into something that looks less like a pansy and more like a poppy. (See my Floating Pansies image to see what the flowers originally looked like.)

To get only the portions of the flower picture that comprise the flower, you have to use a mask. This is a standard picture texture thing, so it should already be familiar. If not, see pages 113-115 in the Bryce3D manual.

The actual material used on the flower-shaped terrains has more than just the picture component. Also, to get the flowers looking this intense, I had to boost the ambience quite a bit.

Whups! Almost forgot -- here's the flower-shaped terrain itself. You'll need to use the 'clipping' bracket in the terrain editor to cut off the lowest square edges.

I was too lazy to make a new flower terrain based on the shape of my orange petaled flower, this is the same terrain I used for the plain pansies. I figured since the poppies were going to be so small, it really didn't matter.

These aren't meant to be viewed this closely. Remember, the name of the game is 'fool the eye'.

See these flowers used in my Fool's Gold image.

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