New Tree Branch Material - Texture B


The center swatch of the texture B preview was all white. Each texture component can drive up to three channels, Color, Alpha and Bump. Use the first one or two components to create the Color and Bump information for your bark material (I started with a rock texture and tweaked it).
In one of the remaining components, create an alpha channel that is solid white. I used a noise of 'nothing' with all parameters zeroed. The 'nothing' noise is one dimensional. I believe I read in Susan Kitchens' book that a noise of nothing with a high frequency in more than one dimension will actually slow the rendering even though the effects are the same, so that is why I've simplified the 'nothing' here as much as possible.
The nothing noise fills the alpha channel alright, but with a medium grey. And that will make the bark part of the branch translucent, which is not desired. The resulting alpha channel must be solid white. There may be other filters which will achieve this result, but I used the Quantize filter.

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