New Tree Branch Material - Texture A


In this texture, the color information is coming from the overall texture instead of from the component driving the leafy qualities. I did this because I wanted the leaf transparency component to show alpha information only, that way it was easier to see the black and white.
'Random Discreet' is the only noise I've tried for leaves so far. The texture should have small white shapes on a black background. Part of that comes from the noise, but another important trick in making the alpha information strictly black and white is by using a filter.

In Bryce 4, explore the various Voronoi noises for leaf textures.

Again I've used the Quantize filter, but this time with the c parameter set to 1 instead of 0. Think of the Quantize filter like 'posterize' in photoshop and the value for c as the number of transitions you get. A c value of 2 would result in a transition from black to middle grey and a transition from middle grey to white. But don't use any grey values in the alpha channel for texture A because that will result in translucent leaves interspersed with solid ones.

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