sulphur, chemical pollution, corresponds to Major Arcana card of The Devil platinum, ptah - opener of ways

Elemental hexagons Divination cards

The Elemental Hexagons deck is based on the Periodic Table of the Elements. The modern periodic table as of the end of 2006 lists 117 known elements, and hypothesizes the existence of an unknown total of others. The Elemental Hexagons deck consists of 60 cards; the first 30 from the table, and 30 others of significance. Every element in the deck was discovered previous to 1900, and each can be found outside of a laboratory environment.

While this deck is not strictly a Tarot deck, each of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana are associated with individual elements. For example, to the far left is the Sulphur card, which is associated with the Major Arcana card The Devil. Also, below, the Iron card is associated with The Chariot.

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The Periodic Table was first created in 1870 and cataloged 64 elements. As of 2006, 117 elements have been discovered or synthesized in laboratories. Learn which elements are used in the Elemental Hexagons deck and how these elements are sorted into suit-like groupings (Element details ...)

The cards measure 4 inches from top to bottom and 3.5 inches side to side. Professionally printed in full color, the cards come in a two part hexagonal box along with a full sheet of instructions. Learn more about purchasing and shipping options (Purchase details ...)


rubidium - live in the moment iron, old technology - mars, corresponds to Major Arcana card The Chariot